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For Student-Athletes and their Associates

Much of the information that would be relevant to a student-athlete or his/her associates can be found in the document below:

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Agents/Advisors, Financial Professionals, Sports Marketers
Do not make agreements with or accept benefits from agents, advisors, financial professionals, sports marketers or other individuals who are seeking to represent you in any way as a professional athlete. These prohibitions apply not only to you as an athlete but your relatives and friends as well (e.g., if your parent accepts benefits from a sports agent, you/the athlete may be held accountable by the NCAA and rendered permanently ineligible).

For baseball prospective student-athletes and student-athletes, do not tell Major League Baseball, its clubs, or its scouting bureaus the name of the advisor with whom you have worked. If you already have, contact every organization and that advisor and inform them in writing that all communication regarding you as a potential professional athlete is to go through you or your parents or Texas A&M’s professional sports counseling panel (if you are a current student-athlete). The reason is that if your advisor acts as an intermediary between you and professional baseball organizations, then, in the NCAA’s judgment, you are represented by an agent and are, therefore, ineligible for NCAA competition in the sport of baseball.
For more information about the intersection of NCAA rules, Texas law and agents, click here.

Student-Athletes Teaching Lessons in Their Sport
Document those lessons with this form and then return the completed form to Athletics Compliance.

Promotions & Endorsements

No student-athlete may allow any part of his or her name, nickname, image, or likeness to be used to promote, recommend or advertise any commercial product or service of any kind, regardless of whether the student-athlete is paid. If you or someone else discovers a company is using any part of your name or image in this manner, please inform the compliance office.

There are limited exceptions to these rules, with restrictions, for recognized organizations of Texas A&M, the SEC, nonprofit or charitable organizations. Please contact the compliance office in order to secure and then complete the required documentation in order to participate in any promotional activities for one of these entities.