Who to Contact

Topic Staff Member
ACS Account Setup Susan Tatum or David Batson
ACS Recruiting Activities Susan Tatum
ACS Team Manager (CARA Logs, Schedules, Game Reports) Catherine Harper
Agents & Advisors Brad Barnes
Amateurism Certification Marcos Mendez
Athletic Financial Aid (continuing student-athletes) Mona Osborne
Awards Approval Brad Barnes
Book Blocks (registration issues related to books) Janice Walpert
Camp Brochure & Advertisement Approvals Catherine Harper
Camp Employee Approval Catherine Harper
Camps & Clinics (notebook review) – Soccer Susan Tatum
Camps & Clinics (notebook review) – All Other Sports Catherine Harper
Campus Housing Janice Walpert
Campus Visits Policy David Batson or Policy Committee
Coaches Certification Test Taylor Buie or Brad Barnes
Compliance Policies and Procedures David Batson or Susan Tatum
Complimentary Admissions Review – SA Guests Susan Tatum
Consultant Agreement Brad Barnes
Designation of Coaches & Sport Specific Staff Brad Barnes
Designation of Student Managers Mona Osborne or Brad Barnes
Designation of Student Trainers Mona Osborne
Educational Meetings Brad Barnes
Eligibility Center Marcos Mendez
PTD and Eligibility Certification (NCAA & SEC) Susan Tatum
Employment Agreement – Graduate Assistant Coach Brad Barnes
Employment Agreement – Sport’s Noncoaching Staff Brad Barnes
Employment Agreement – Student Assistant Coach Brad Barnes
Employment Agreement – Volunteer Coach Brad Barnes
Facebook Compliance Page Catherine Harper or Taylor Buie
General Compliance Complaints David Batson
Interpretations Brad Barnes
Legislative Proposals – Feedback or Ideas David Batson or Brad Barnes
NLI & Statements of Financial Aid Marcos Mendez
Nutrition Center Meal Plan Mona Osborne
Occasional Meal Approval Mona Osborne
Official Visit Host Money Janice Walpert
Official Visit Prospect Mileage Reimbursements Janice Walpert
Outside Income Reports Amy Coleman & David Batson
Outside Scholarship Review Marcos Mendez, Mona Osborne & Sara Maxwell
Participation Annual Reports Catherine Harper
Playing & Practice Season Declarations Catherine Harper
Rules Infractions & Self Reports David Batson
Recruiting Documentation Reviews – Swimming & Diving Catherine Harper
Recruiting Documentation Reviews – Track & Field Catherine Harper
Recruiting Documentation Reviews – All Other Sports Susan Tatum
Review of Recruiting Travel Documents Susan Tatum
Review of Team Travel Documents Susan Tatum
Roster Additions/Deletions Mona Osborne
Student Assistance Funds Mona Osborne or Janice Walpert
Student-Athlete Automobiles Susan Tatum
Student-Athlete Employment – Monitoring Taylor Buie
Student-Athlete Housing – Off-Campus Catherine Harper
Student-Athlete Housing – On Campus Janice Walpert
Summer Use of Athletic Facilities by Prospects Taylor Buie
Transfer Forms (permission to contact, history, etc.) Marcos Mendez
Twitter Compliance Page Brad Barnes
Vacation Period Per Diem Issues Mona Osborne & Brad Barnes
Waivers – NCAA or SEC Rules Any Compliance Staff
Walk-On Tryouts Marcos Mendez
Compliance Website Taylor Buie
Words of Wisdom, Encouragement, or Appreciation Any Compliance Staff