Agents & Financial Advisors

We ask for your cooperation with the laws of the State of Texas and the NCAA by complying with the noted rules and regulations. Be advised that the NCAA has made changes to the definition of an agent (Bylaw 12.02.1) in the recent past. An agent may now include, but is not limited to, a certified contract advisor, financial advisor, marketing representative, brand manager or anyone who is employed or associated with such persons. In addition, all athlete agents are responsible for knowing and following all of the pertinent agent rules and regulations of their respective leagues’ players association.

Athlete agents, remember that Texas’ Athlete Agent Act prohibits you from initiating contact with student-athletes and their relatives until the earlier of the student-athlete: (a) declaring him or herself to be a professional athlete or (b) exhausting all of his or her NCAA eligibility for competition. Also, agents who desire to participate in Texas A&M’s agent interview programs must be registered with the Texas Secretary of State and Texas A&M’s Athletics Compliance Office.

Secretary of State for Texas’ Athlete Agent Registration
Texas A&M Athletics Compliance Office’s Agent Registration Form
Texas A&M Athletics Compliance Office’s Financial Professional Registration Form

With the exception of Texas A&M University Athletics Department-supervised interviews, Texas A&M University discourages its student-athletes from contacting agents or financial professionals until their eligibility has expired. Similarly the University encourages parents, relatives and legal guardians of student-athletes to refrain from having telephone contact or in-person contact with an agent or financial professional about a student-athlete until the student-athlete’s eligibility has expired. The Athletics Department has designated interview days for agents and financial professionals to be made available to student-athletes who are considering a professional athletic career.

Texas A&M firmly believes these measures are necessary to eliminate problems that can arise between an agent or financial professional and a student-athlete, which eventually may jeopardize the eligibility of the student-athlete. For more information about the intersection of NCAA rules, Texas law and agents, click here.

Your cooperation and assistance is greatly appreciated. If you have any question regarding this program, please feel free to contact our office.